Turning old rusty hammer into Mjolnir TOOL RESTORATION
I bought the rusty old hammer from a flea market. However it was unusable because the head handle was loose. I'm not sure how old it is or if it is antique. I decided to cast a new handle from aluminum and polish the head up. The hammer head had some rust and a lot of cement or plaster (I'm not sure of the correct word). I the makers mark as a bee or something similar, if you're interested. I wan'ted to make something more creative this time as I've not made such projects in a while so I though I'd make some sort of viking inspired design. My friend immediately called it Mjolnir. I think this one turned out super awsome!

I started the clean up by sinking the hammer head into vinegar. Vinegar removes rust but I figured since it's acid it should dissolve bases, which e.g. calcium. That worked fantastically. Then I sanded the surfaces flat trying not to damage the makers mark. I continued to polish it even further with some buffing wheels until I got that satisfying mirror shine.

I then shaped the handle from foam and covered put it in its place. I covered the mold with casting sand and made some air holes and a pouring funnel for the aluminum to make sure the pressure will be enough to force the aluminum all the way through. I had to do the casting during dark hours because that's all we get up north at this time of the year. It was also freezing temperature already but the video clip of the pour is probably one of the most calming clips I've ever filmed.

This was only my second casting project so i was very satisfied with the results. The top of the mold still didn't make the perfect shape, not sure why. Maybe the burn foam blocked my air holes or something. But the result was still quite fine so I didn't see it necessary to re-do it. Minor dent were left to the other side of the handle because I didn't want to sand it down much. I continued to do the same polishing process with the handle.

After The handle was polished I cut some buffalo hide to make w