240 LBS of ALL METAL! This is our "Tanks for Ten Years" MEGA BUILD, celebrating our show "RC ADVENTURES" being produced for the last decade on YouTube. The vehicle featured today is an "ARMORTEK" ELEFANT, modelled from a WW2 Ferdinand Elefant Tank Destroyer. This was a KIT that we have been building for the last 10 videos, and today we get to drive this machine for the first time. It is outfitted with dual "car batteries", in series at 24v. This tank is ALL ELECTRIC, direct drive running on Dual 24v motors, with a 16:1 gear reduction. My kit has the optional SMOKE generator, though I did not turn it on today. The sound kit is also installed, along with a "recoil kit" for the barrel.

I got the kit here:

I have not finished the weathering & paint on this tank.. though I will not be doing a "traditional" paint job replicating the German side of WW2. Instead, we are using this tank as a multi-purpose "Mad-Max" / Police Enforcement vehicle.. that can be used in many styles of video.

This build, in total.. is about $10,000 CAD / $6500 USD

A heavy price tag to entertain my friends, and our viewers - but what an absolute BLAST, and AMAZING WAY TO CELEBRATE! This series has been Fantastic, and a wonderful experience :)

I would like to send a special shout out to my team, and my Dad (who drove in from another province to help!), for working diligently with me every weekend for the last 2 months. Thank you for all of your time, energy and creative abilities shared with me, and our viewers!! Building and filming on camera for thousands of people to see is an intimidating and difficult thing to wrap one's head around. Congratulations my friends.. this build was EPIC!! I know the viewers certainly enjoyed this series very much..!

The Radio I am using is a Flysky Paladin (PL18) - at the time of this filming it is Flyskys latest Dual Stick radio to h